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New Class – Dance of The Heart

We are delighted to be offering a new class at The Mulberry Centre and invite you to come and try a session of Dance of The Heart dance meditation running weekly from  Wednesday 9th October 2.45 – 4.00pm.  (Please arrive on time to ensure a prompt start)

Based on Biodanza, this is a wonderful yet gentle, expressive dance meditation. It helps create a space where you can relax and be in your body. Led by experienced teacher and coach, Karen Skehel.  Dance of the Heart is an uplifting blend of free expression dance with some relaxing moving meditation.

As there are no steps to learn, it is ideal for everyone who wants to benefit from dance, and who believe “they can’t dance”, as well as those who can.

Karen has helped clients with their well-being and feeling good through a combination of individual sessions, workshops and retreats for over 14 years, and she has a wide range of skills in transformational coaching, leading meditations, in energy work and teaching dance meditation; her work has evolved from many years of teaching and leading Dance Meditation.

Some feedback from class enthusiasts is below:

  • “I love the freedom to be me, and to move without limitations. It’s so much fun: not only do I find my usual inhibitions are released, but I leave each session uplifted, energised and with my heart opened. I feel happy, relaxed and feel like I am falling in love with everyone!”
  • “It is so much fun. I feel so great. I find socialising after a Dance of the Heart session gets taken to a whole new level. It’s amazing!”
  • “I feel so much more confident, more deeply connected with others and this impacts all my relationships.”
  • “I used to judge myself and others. Now I do this less and less. Life is so much more fun!”
  • “My health has improved so much.”
  • “My stress levels have decreased, I feel so alive. I really feel I have healed my heart.”
  • “Karen gently encouraged to expand my comfort zone and I find that so much more is possible now that I do.”

Please call the front office to book your space. If you have used all of your Wellbeing class allocation, we are offering an introductory Autumn Special of 8 additional Dance of The Heart classes to be taken before Christmas.

Please wear loose, comfortable clothes you are happy to move around in.