The Mulberry Centre - for anyone affected by cancer Heart

Support from a distance


Whilst services have been temporarily suspended at the Centre we will be offering the following remote services.

Services and registrations are offered free.  We have an open-door policy, but one-to-one counselling and support groups are only offered to registered clients.  

If you would like to register please call the telephone numbers on the home page or email


One-to-One Support Consultations


o Emotional support

o Counselling

o Complementary therapies: relaxation: Relaxation;  EFT Tapping (emotional freedom technique); Distance reiki

o Welfare and benefits

o Legal Information

o End of Life (EoL) and bereavement – for anyone, cancer or ‘non-cancer’ including COVID-19 who live or work in Hounslow, or if the patient was recently hospitalised at the West Middlesex University Hospital (WMUH).



Support Groups

o Patients
o Carers
o Bereavement – for all cancer and non-cancer & COVID-19 related deaths.


For video call we will be using Zoom, which is a simple application that you can download.  Please click on the activity which will take you directly to Zoom.  


For a definitive list of all Remote Services you can download the list HERE