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Coaching is a process which enables a person to see their challenges, decisions or problems from different perspectives, to achieve greater awareness and to gain new insights. It provides space in which to think things through and time to talk in a non judgemental context, often about priorities, visioning for the future, feelings and values.

The Reasons people consider coaching
– want things to be different
face a change, transition or challenge,
want help with a difficult relationship
feel stuck
want to get a better sense of balance in their lives.

Potential outcomes and benefits
increased self awareness
increased awareness of the perspectives of others
increased awareness of their impact on others
more able to focus on what matters most to them
more aware of how to look after their well being and resilience.

How coaching differs from other types of help
coaching starts from the here and now and looks to the future and how things might be different – it will revisit the past only to inform future action
coaching might provide information but, does not advise, give suggestions or offer opinions.

What way can coaching impact your life
performance-doing it better
behaviour- changing how you act
developmental-feelings and values
transformational- what really matters most in life.

Who at TMC can benefit from coaching?
those who are emotionally well-with only the “usual” emotional range and anxieties.
those who want something to change in their lives
those able to work from the present towards a future focus
those able to consider and articulate how things might change for the better.

Contact us to ask for more details or book a session with our Coach. At the centre we offer up to 6 sessions spread across a 6-month period.