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Your first visit

Our care and support services are based on providing a non-clinical space that gives everyone who walks through the door a breathing space, whether they have come to use a service or just soak up the calm and peace. The sooner you visit us, the more we can help to make a real difference to the lives of people with cancer and those who support them.

The first person you are likely to see on arrival at The Mulberry Centre is one of our volunteer Welcomers. You will be offered a cup of tea/coffee and the chance to ask any initial questions you may have.

Once you have completed our simple Registration Form you will then meet on of our Support Services Team, who will give you an opportunity to talk in confidence about your situation and discuss ways in which we can support you and those close to you. She will assess your individual needs and will recommend those of our services which are most relevant to you. They will arrange appointments for any services you would like to take up.

We recognise that everyone’s journey will be different and their circumstances will change over time and we will provide ongoing support and information for as long as it is needed. We encourage people to keep in touch if they would like to do so.

Newly diagnosed?

On first learning that you or someone close to you has cancer, you may feel shocked and struggle to unravel all the questions you have:

  • How can I tell my wife/partner/children friends?
  • Will I lose my hair and, if so, when?
  • I feel emotionally shattered – who can I turn to?
  • …..the list goes on…..

The Mulberry Centre is here to help you. Call us to find out how, or – better still – drop in to speak with our professional support staff. They will help you make sense of and come to terms with the change cancer has brought into your life. You can register to access all our services, or you may feel you have a desperate but one-off need for our support and information, as you seek to process the impact of a cancer diagnosis on you or someone close to you. Come and chat to us to find out how we can best help you.

Undergoing treatment?

Treatments for cancer and their side-effects can range from frankly uncomfortable to downright debilitating. We recognise that people with cancer and those who care for them have a busy schedule of hospital appointments and treatment regimes. We are therefore committed to ensuring flexibility in the provision of all our appointments.

Many people have a continuing need for practical, informative, emotional support to guide them through. We are often a place to seek peace and respite from their situation, or to meet others, or to sort out new issues (e.g. financial impact of cancer).

Living with and beyond cancer?

Many people with a diagnosis of cancer are fortunately living much longer. However, others are not able to return to their ‘old’ life and often they have a new perspectives and attitudes as a result of their cancer journey. We are responding to this need by providing continuity of care and continually reviewing our range of workshops and other services to make sure they fit with the needs of our users.This means that once you are a user of the Mulberry Centre you are able to talk to us about your needs with no concern about time limits. We will respond with as much flexibility as our resources allow.

We are also enabling people to move away from the structured support of The Mulberry Centre, while still being supported less formally “as and when” required.

Are you a carer?

Many people do not consider themselves to be a “carer”. Rather, they see themselves first and foremost as a spouse / relative / friend. However, if you are supporting someone practically, emotionally or physically, you are a carer and might well benefit from some support yourself. You are welcome to pop in and chat to someone at The Mulberry Centre about your role as a carer.

Struggling with bereavement?

Bereavement can affect different people in different ways and at different points in their life. The grieving process has no timetable and we at The Mulberry Centre are here to support you as and when you need some additional help to cope with your loss. Please feel free to contact us.