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Community Outreach

What is Outreach?

In addition to the support that we offer at The Mulberry Centre itself, we also do outreach work in the community.  As well as informing people about the support offered by The Mulberry Centre, our outreach work is an opportunity to raise awareness about the signs and symptoms of different types of cancer and ways in which people can adopt preventive measures (e.g. diet, exercise, giving up smoking, attending routine screening) to lessen their chances of developing cancer.

What do we aim to achieve?

We aim through our outreach work to provide people in our local communities with information on:

  • How to reduce their risks of cancer
  • The importance of attending screening
  • How to identify signs and symptoms
  • What support is available to support people affected by cancer
  • To recruit and train volunteers to support the Outreach Project
  • To increase the uptake of service users visiting The Mulberry Centre (TMC)

What exactly does our outreach work entail?

In order to reach people in the local community who would benefit from our outreach we do a number of activities, including:

  • Running information desks at various venues (e.g. GP surgeries and libraries) and events (e.g. borough health awareness days)
  • Giving presentations to groups of people in the local community (e.g. rotary, faith groups, schools)
  • Giving presentations to service and support providers (e.g. health care providers, social care providers and organisations in the voluntary sector who support people) in order to allow them to signpost clients to TMC for support

If you know of any groups or venues who might benefit from an outreach presentation or an information roadshow, please contact