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It is a proud moment for The Mulberry Centre! 

We are delighted to share that the Macmillan Service Team of the Year Award this year has been awarded to the Complementary Therapy Team at The Mulberry Centre.

This team is made up of approximately 26 therapists who volunteer their time in order to offer relaxation therapies to clients of The Mulberry Centre.

“I have looked forward to every session & felt so much better after everyone. Thank you so much for being able to help people like this when they are at their lowest. You are all incredible. Thank you”


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Self Help

Tolerating Uncertainty

When we are anxious, we tend to over-estimate the danger, and the odds, of bad things happening, and we under-estimate our ability to cope if or when those bad things happen. Even if the odds are really small that a bad thing will happen, that tiny chance is enough to really upset us. We call it “intolerance of uncertainty”. We might think things like “I just can’t cope with not knowing”, “I have to be 100% certain”, “uncertain events are almost always bad”, so “I must prepare for each uncertain event”



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Looking for a Challenge and to raise vital funds for The Mulberry Centre?

We are delighted to have charity places in Richmond Runfest, London’s most exclusive race!

Kew Gardens 10k (All inside Kew Gardens) Saturday 12th September 2020

Marathon – (Starts at Kew Gardens & finishes in Old Deer Park) Sunday 13th September 2020

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